Complete Landlord® System

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

… as thorough as any college course …

“…The materials received have been quite helpful in providing the details for effective management. What has been explained and covered in the Guide is as thorough as any college course on the subject. Plus, the forms are Landlord/Tenant friendly. Well done!… Although, property management is new to me I feel confident that, “Thanks” to the Guide, I will do an exemplary job!”

Laurel Schaefer
Toluca Lake, CA

This book has been a saving grace…

“My husband and I recently purchased a new house and decided to put our current home up for rent.  As first timers to this business we decided to hire a property manager so we wouldn’t have to deal with being landlords. After a few weeks of dealing with someone else who didn’t seem to care whether our house was rented or not, I began searching the internet for some information on becoming a landlord and alas, I found the landlord e-guide! This book has been a saving grace for us and has allowed us feel good about letting our property manager go and assuming the responsibilities ourselves. So far, we have had great success all because of the e-guide!  Thank you so much for your wonderful insight to the world of property management!”

Rachel Richardson
Boise, ID

I love your stuff. It really helped me!

“I love your stuff. It really helped me! I had a terrible management company which I let go and then ordered your e-guide on internet and used it to rent out two properties on MY OWN!!!!   THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!”

Daria Thomas
Carlsbad, CA

… your book is like a safety net for me …

“The e-guide is quite helpful – again, its information is invaluable.  I’m sure that it will help keep me from making some very basic mistakes.  The links are so helpful, making my search for information quick and easy.  Plus, I simply love your newsletter!  With my situation of suddenly finding myself the owner/manager/bookkeeper of 9 rental properties, every day I feel like I’m walking a tightrope and wearing a blindfold – your book is like a safety net for me.  I don’t get so overwhelmed with things – I know that the answers, or the links to the answers are only a click or two away using your program.  Thanks for everything!”

Brenda Duff
Belpre, Ohio

We found them to be extremely complete….

“Thanks so much Shannyn. My wife and I studied your materials last night. WOW. I am showing our new property later today to a potential tenant and I am spending the morning making sure I am following the guidelines set forth in your materials. We found them to be extremely complete and we are adding a great deal more to our lease and to our application. THANKS!”

Zane Grant
Pueblo, CO

…. I am actually making a headway ….

“Thank you so much, Shannyn. You have such positive disposition. I have no doubt that you are successful in all your life endeavors. I will definitely keep in touch with you. I am optimistic that I will be successful in the property management business and I want to share my success with you. I know what I wanted to do, but I had no clue how to go about it. I surfed around the Internet not knowing what I was looking for until I stumbled unto your website. I am usually reluctant to do credit card business online, but for some reason I did not feel restraint ordering your Guide. Now I feel like I am actually making a headway and I feel like I know you already. Thank you, again.”

K. Wachuku
San Bernardino, CA

Thorough, well-structured, informative and perfect.

“I am so IMPRESSED with your book.  Outstanding!  Thorough, well-structured, informative and perfect.  I have added your (companion) website to my favorites folder.”

Martha Stevens President & CEO
Professional Consulting Firm Thousand Oaks, CA