The Complete Landlord® System for
Rental Property Investing

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Real Estate Guide Book

Real Estate Book for Landlords

The Complete Landlord book was written by veteran landlords Douglas Rutherford, CPA, CGMA and Shannyn Hodge Flory.  Discover everything you need to know about being a rental property owner!

Real Estate Forms

Essential Real Estate Forms for Rentals

The Complete Landlord® package includes 35 essential landlord forms in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats.  Use fillable fields and our PDF templates with automated calculations to make forms creation quick and easy!

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The Complete Landlord book, real estate forms, and checklists are instantly downloaded.  The real estate forms can be installed in Word and PDF formats. The book is also PDF formatted for easy reading.

The Complete Landlord® System for Rental Property Investing

Complete Landlord Book

The downloadable training system for landlords and real estate investors who want to learn how to invest in rental properties.  Start learning now by downloading the Complete Landlord book, real estate forms, and checklists.

This step-by-step electronic manual is geared toward landlords in the US and Canada, and is filled with navigational and educational “QuickLinks” to help educate you on every aspect of being a landlord.  In addition to having everything you need literally at your fingertips, the book includes an exclusive collection of essential landlord forms in fillable and customizable formats

Complete Landlord Book Real Estate Forms Save Money!

Complete Landlord Book Real Estate Forms Save Time!

Complete Landlord Book Real Estate Forms Avoid Common Mistakes!

Complete Landlord Book Real Estate Forms Minimize Risks

The Complete Landlord: Real estate book in PDF format, over 35 fillable and editable real estate forms, tenant move-in and tenant move-out packages, and real estate checklists for landlord rental property investing.

Complete Landlord Book